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Anal Bleaching & Waxing FAQ

Anal & Intimate Bleaching:

The treatment takes about 20 -30 minutes.   You can go about your day normally after your session, read below regarding aftercare.

The genital area has the highest density of pigment cells melanocytes. The denser the pigment, the darker the skin. The speed of the visual result is based on your melanin depth which you’ve inherited. Everyone lightens up at different speeds. But even after the first session, MOST  patients experience younger, smoother, VISIBLE skin tone improvements. Depending on your melanin depth, you may need additional treatment. You can expect to lighten up to six shades with several treatments & home care routine (to speed up the result). For the most optimum results I would recommend the 6PAK and have the first three treatments pretty close to each other (with in 10 days) and leave the other three as maintenance. Maintenance Clients should book sessions three to four weeks apart.  For those people that have darker sports along the thigh/leg line or other areas, I highly recommend Retinol+ C Max Booster to speed up your desirable result.  You can use this as a stand alone treatment or add it to your prepaid peel at a reduced rate.


  • No waxing, laser hair removal, shaving for at least 48-72 hrs
  • No open sores or lesions
  • If the history of Herpes Simplex viral infections a prescription antiviral medication is required 3 days prior to the procedure and 5 days post
  • No sensitivity to any kind of peel or Retinol based products


  • No shower for 3hrs, up to 8hrs after Retinol+ C Max Booster
  • No waxing or laser hair removal for at least two weeks
  • Avoid excessive heat (i.e. working out/sweating) to the treated area for at least 8 hours
  • No retinol-based product on treated areas.
  • Do not exfoliate your skin or use products for a week, may cause additional irritation
  • Use medicated Ointment for up to a week, to avoid irritations. Moisturizing the treated areas after every shower. (Ask for products recommendations)

*** By booking the skin lightening session you agree with these terms.

I’ve never had waxing done before, how does waxing work?
Warm wax is applied to the hair and then a non-woven cloth strip is lightly pressed onto the wax. The strip is quickly pulled off and the hair is uprooted. Different kinds of wax and applicators will be used on different areas of the body.
Waxing is safe for ALL areas of body hair and I am one of the few places in Tampa Bay that offer complete men’s waxing including Brazilian (below the belt), which is the most popular waxing service for men, second most popular is nose hair waxing. 

I’ve seen The 40-Year Old Virgin, does waxing really hurt that much? 
Everybody has this on their minds, in the movie, they didn’t wax according to protocol; it was waxing for the most comical effect. The first time you get waxed, it can sting or be uncomfortable, but it gets better with each visit. Of course, it also depends on how much hair you have to be removed. While it will most likely never be a pleasurable experience for most, people that get waxed with regularity often are able to close their eyes and relax. For $10 extra, you can be treated with Lidocaine, a numbing topical solution used in Dr’s offices. Some people take ibuprofen about an hour beforehand, that can help minimize some of the pain. I do not recommend this or drinking alcohol before hand as it promotes an amplified response such as bleeding.
: If you wait more than the 4-8 weeks recommended time between waxing, it will be like the first time being waxed, both in pain and breakout factor. Hair grows in cycles. Ideally, we want to wax all the adult hairs at different points in their growth cycle, this will cut the pain and histamine response level. It will also increase the time between waxing. This is the same reason why you have numerous treatments when your doing laser hair removal.  Personally, I have had both my complete back and buttocks lasered every  6 to 8 weeks for 3 years and I achieved about 80% of permanent hair removal.  Note: each case if different.

I sometimes get bumps after waxing. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? 
Yes, using a exfoliate like a body scrub in the shower on the part of the body that is getting waxed helps immensely. Avoiding saunas, hot steamy showers and tanning for a few days afterwards helps as well.  The exfoliation will also cut down the chance of ingrown hairs forming.

note: The majority of people will not turn red or break out after waxing but if you do, this is a natural histamine response your body produces, and some may even bruise. I always recommend to budget time between your waxing session and your vacations, photo shoots or any other activity that requires a flawless skin appearance. I recommend Benadryl  to lessen the breaking out effect.  Remember the more you wax the least likely you will have this problem.


Should I shave my hair before waxing? 
No, the hair growth needs to be long enough 1/8″- 1/4″ for the wax to take hold of the body hair and about 1/8″ for eyebrows and hair on the ears. The wax has to have something to hold onto in order for it to be uprooted.

When will the hair re-appear? 

That depends on every individual person, but with the majority of people it will take about 5-8 weeks for all of the hair you have waxed to reappear. All of it does not grow back at the same rate. Myself I have all lot of dense, course body hair and I am satisfied if I am totally smooth between 7-10 days. People with lighter and thinner hair will experience much longer results.

Is it true that the hair will grow back thicker after waxing? 
No. Actually, if you continue to wax with regularity, it will eventually slow down the hair growth and damage some of the follicles which will inhibit hair growth. Any regrowth is usually thinner.

A friend said my skin will turn red after waxing. Is that true? 
Yes, and sometimes there is some swelling, depending on your skin’s level of sensitivity. It goes away in a few hours for most people and is normal. The payoff of having a smooth back, groomed eyebrows, etc. is worth it for most. 

Can I tan before or after waxing? 
It’s not a good idea for the 48 hours prior or afterwards. Why would you want to make your skin more sensitive? 

Are there any medical conditions/situations when I should not get waxing services? 
Everyone’s level of sensitivity varies. If you think that you might be sensitive, then let me know and I can do a patch test. If you use a lot of AHAs or BHAs, or are on certain medications for acne, or use certain steroids, you might be more prone to sensitivity. It also depends on what is getting waxed. Someone who uses a topical acne prescription might not want to get their eyebrows groomed, but their back and neck could be fine. Waxing over areas where skin cancer was removed is not recommenced nor is waxing for people that are Hemophiliacs, Active Chemotherapy Patients or have a history of skin tears. Each new client will be asked about any medial history or conditions that could be contra-indicated for body hair waxing and for my returning clientele, please let me know if any medical history has changed since your last waxing session with me. About 85% of all people that try waxing will continue to wax as part of their hygiene/grooming protocol.

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