Massage and other services to keep you relaxed



Young woman getting stones spa procedures.

Massage to Stay Relaxed and Stress-Free

Relax your body and your mind.
A balanced combination of traditional Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques ease tension and soothe your pain away while Eastern modalities seek to realign the spirit and calm the senses.



Body Work for 2nd Column

Pampering to a New Level

Immerse yourself in the ultimate state of regeneration. These therapeutic treatments saturate the body and soul with nourishment found in our custom blend of essential oils, salts and natural ingredients designed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The result is an energized and purified new you.

Men’s Waxing

Men’s Waxing

Male abs closeup

Manscaping for Confidence

Bodyhair waxing, trimming and/or shaving is only available to men.  I am one of the few places in the area that does complete men’s waxing, including Brazilian waxing. Anal and Intimate Area Bleaching is now also available.

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Roger Medrano Massage Therapist Tampa FLI am a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing massage for over twenty years.

With extensive backgrounds in both therapeutic massage and the medical field, I have been able to able to combine the two for your optimal health and relational experience.

Some of my past history is being on the rehab team with the Cirque du Soleil and teaching Massage Technique.

I’ve been voted “Tampa Bay’s Favorite Massage Therapist” by the readers of Watermark Newspaper in their annual Wave Awards and have also been featured in Gazette News Magazine, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa Bay Magazine and on ABC Evening News.

In conjunction with My Waxing Systems,  I filmed an Instructional DVD for Spa and Salon professionals on the techniques of men’s waxing.

I’m honored to have many other Medical and Massage Professionals as regular clients. MA33167

Located inside the Salon Lofts

Salon Lofts ImageAt the heart of every great massage experience lies the relationship between the massage therapist and the client.

Salon Lofts created a place in which that relationship could flourish.

At Salon Lofts, their vision is to create a place that massage therapists would be proud to be a part of.

A place where clients could either find their perfect beauty specialist or take their existing relationship to a whole new level.

Make an appointment with Roger for his signature massage, cupping, deep tissue and sports massage, hot stone massage, body hair waxing, ear candling, anal bleaching, rose mud spa leg wrapping and other services. You’ll love the healing results.

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• Bodywork Signature Massage

• The Works Spa Package

• The De-Stress Spa Package

• Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage

• Hot Stone Massage

• Hot Stone Massage
• Massage & Wax

• Massage & Body Scrub

• Massage & RoseMud Foot BodyWrap

• Reflexology Foot Treatment

Body Work

• Cupping

• Body Scrub

• Ear Candling

• Anal and Intimate Area Bleaching

• Paraffin Dip

• Rose Mud Spa Foot Body Wrap

Men’s Waxing

• Lidocaine Numbing Gel

• Anal and Intimate Area Bleaching

• Men’s Brazilian Wax

• Back Wax & Shoulders Combo

• Back Wax

• Ears

• Nose Hair

• Eyebrows

• Glute Wax

• Complete Men’s Upper Body (neck to Brazilian)

• Chest

• Full Arms – Delts To Hands

• Men’s Full Legs

• Shoulders – Deltoids To Collar Bone

• Underarms


Spa concept still life with candles and towelsMy normal session is the 90 minute Bodywork Signature Massage. When booking your massage, please let me know if you prefer a longer or shorter appointment, session, or massage.

On your first visit, you may be asked to fill out an intake form and provide a brief medical history regarding any injuries or problem areas you may have. Take this time to tell us if you don’t want a certain body part worked. You will then be asked to undress to your comfort level and to get on the massage table under the towel or sheet provided. While you do this, we will leave the treatment room to wash our hands. Upon returning, the massage will start using a variation of techniques as needed.

Young woman getting stones spa procedures.For your comfort table warmers are used, let us know if the temperature is to your liking. Additionally, because some therapists tend to work deeper than others, you will be asked from time to time to rate the pressure. Only a small amount of hypoallergenic water based creme is used, so you will also be asked if more lubrication is needed. Different lotions or oils can be used based on your request. Since everyone prefers a different amount of pressure or lubricant, it is important to communicate your needs with your therapist. Remember this is your massage, not ours.

Portrait of happy man with water, outdoorAfter the massage, the therapist will leave the room while you dress. You will be provided with water before you leave. Water helps the body to flush the toxins that have been loosened during the massage, so you should always increase your water intake throughout the day after your massage.

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Aug 2, 2019 12:58 PM
I received the male Brazilian wax. Roger made the entire process fun and educating, he not only informed me but gave me tips to stay fresh.   This was my first time ever, I was scared, but afterwards I thought to myself, I should have been coming here for years. This WILL NOT be my last time.  Roger was sent here by God, he made everything feel about ME, and that’s what I loved.  Give him a try as you won’t regret it leaving his shop! I am now a new man! Hello Tampa Bay
Roger C Medrano
Men’s Brazilian Waxing
He made everything feel about ME, and that’s what I loved.

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